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Skinny Sugar White

Skinny Sugar White is your perfect general use sugar. It has a uniform crystal size, making it suitable for all your baking needs in recipes such as Muffins which are on our recipe page.

Use Skinny Sugar White in your everyday sweetening for cereal and drinks. It is also ideal to be used when making jams and preserves. Such as the Apricot jam on our recipe page.

Available in 400g resealable packs.

Skinny Sugar Raw

Skinny Sugar Raw is a great alternative to Skinny Sugar White. It has a golden colour and a caramel like flavour. While often used to sweeten coffee it is great in baking and cooking as it improves the flavour, has excellent colour giving spectacular results.

Use it in recipes for cakes, muffin and cookies made with less processed ingredients such as wholegrains, oats and wholemeal flours.

Try our ANZAC biscuit recipe on the recipe page.

Available in 400g resealable packs.

It's all natural, No chemicals. No Aftertaste!