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Welcome to Skinny Sugar, and to our blog! Thanks for visiting, and thanks for reading this post. 
We thought we’d start our blog by telling you all about Skinny Sugar, and how it is probably the easiest food swap you can make. When you swap ‘sugar’ for Skinny Sugar, you instantly save 50% of the calories without sacrificing the taste. It couldn’t be easier!

We created Skinny Sugar because we love sugar in our hot and cold drinks. Most importantly, we love to bake! Like lots of you, we have recipes going back generations that need sugar. We also saw the increasing concerns over high sugar consumption. But using sugar replacements meant the ratios all changed and the taste was affected so the results were never as good. That’s where Skinny Sugar is different – it works just like normal sugar. With Skinny Sugar, if your old favourite recipe calls for a cup of sugar – you just swap for a cup of Skinny Sugar – too easy. And, it will taste the same, have the same texture and have 50% less calories. It’s almost too good to be true – but it’s not!

So Skinny Sugar is different to the other sugar alternatives out there – and we know, there are a lot of them!

People have been using artificial sweeteners for years – and while they might taste OK, they are what the name says – artificial. Goodness only knows what those chemical sweeteners are doing to our insides, not to mention our long term health. Some scientific research even suggests that they are potentially cancer causing. Skinny Sugar is 100% natural – it is a blend of cane sugar and Erythritol – a naturally occurring product. Erythritol is about 60-70% as sweet as table sugar, but has almost no calories.  So when we combine it with cane sugar, you easily save the calories but keep the great sugar taste. It also has zero glycemic index, so it doesn’t have a negative impact on your blood sugar.

Recently, there has been a huge increase in other natural sweeteners, such as Stevia. Stevia is at least natural, but what about the aftertaste? What’s the point in adding a sweetener to your drink, cereal or baking if you can’t enjoy the taste as you are having it? Stevia can also be difficult to bake with, as it not easy to adjust quantities when baking. It’s just too hard. Skinny Sugar is a 1:1 ratio with sugar, so just swap sugar for Skinny Sugar and you are ready to bake! Plus Skinny Sugar tastes like sugar, your family and kids won’t even know the difference.

And of course we have all heard by now that an excessive consumption of sugar leads to weight gain and other potential health problems. For many of us, it’s so difficult to balance our desire to be ‘healthy’ with just wanting to enjoy some of the sweeter things in life. Skinny Sugar helps achieve that balance – by reducing 50% of the calories from sugar but offering the same great taste to your favourite baked goods.

Skinny Sugar comes in both raw and white varieties. White Skinny Sugar is the perfect replacement for the sugar you put in your coffee or tea, sprinkle on your breakfast or even to make your own jam (look out for our blog post on how to – coming soon!). And you don’t need to feel so guilty about it! 
Raw Skinny Sugar has a caramel like flavour making it perfect for baking and the colour just adds to the spectacular result. And of course, you can still use it in your tea or coffee if that is your preference.

So if you want to reduce your sugar intake without changing your diet, try Skinny Sugar. And if you do, please comment below and let us know what you think.

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